First and foremost, We Want to thank you for your many faithful years of service. With that being said, We are closing our office located at 1230 Amelia St, Orangeburg, SC 29115 The Ofice will remain open until APRIL THE 11th, 2018

You may come pick up your records, glasses and or contacts during normal business hours on MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, AND WEDNESDAYS until our official closing on April 11th 2018


Thank you for your understanding

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  • Improves contrast
  • Contains a red element to enhance depth perception


  • Golf, tennis, high-altitude sports, fishing, boating/sailing, or any sport where distance needs to be judged

Weather Conditions

  • Partly cloudy to sunny conditions
Are electronics bad for our eyes?
Are electronics bad for our eyes?

Are electronics bad for our eyes?   Nine hours per day -- that's how much time the average American spends in front of cell phone, tablet, computer or television screens. All that screen time is causing eye strain and other vision problems, according to a new report by the Vision Council, a nonprofit trade association. Researchers surveyed more than 7,000 people and found that screen time is steadily increasing for kids and adults. Over the past year, the number of people who admitted spending 10 hours per day on electronic devices rose 4 percent. “Nearly 70 percent of U.S. adults experience digital eye strain as a result of the growing use of these devices," the researchers wrote in the report. "Adults aged 18 to 34 report feeling eye strain at a higher rate (45 percent) than their older counterparts.” Constantly staring at a screen can lead to a host of problems, said Douglas Lazzaro, MD, professor and chairman in the Department of Ophthalmology at SUNY Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y.   credit:


DR. BERNARD ARNOLD   EDUCATION 1965-1967 Georgia Southwestern College 1967-1971 Southern College of Optometry, Memphis, TN- OD-Doctorate in Optometry EXPERIENCE Private Practice | 105 Wappoo Creek Drive Suite 4B Optometrist 1972-2007  Examine eyes, using observation, instruments, and pharmaceutical agents to determine visual acuity and perception and focus and coordination; Diagnose and manage eye disease; Low vision specialist; Make referrals & Manage Treatment; Prescribe medications to treat diseases as permitted by state law; and Analyze test results and coordinate treatment plans Manage a private practice office; Hire and maintain staff; Handle ordering of all glasses and materials; Create professional liaisons; Implement EMR (electronic medical records); Handle payrolls; Create a welcoming environment for patients and their families Independent Contractor | Charleston & Surrounding Areas Optometrist 2007-Present PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY • Licensed: South Carolina and Virginia • Member: SCOA and AOA • Excellent communication and management skills. • Proficient with EMR (quikeyes) • Volunteer Work- Board member Association for the Blind 2000 -2010; Catholic Charities 2010-2013

Stephen E. Goodwin LDO
Stephen E. Goodwin LDO

   Stephen E. Goodwin LDO is the owner and operator of Renewed Vision Optical at 1230 Amelia St. in Orangeburg, SC. He has been a Licensed Optician in the State of South Carolina since August of 1991 (lic.# SC584).  Mr. Goodwin is certified by the American Board of Opticianary and by the National Contact Lens Examiners.  Stephen has been employed in the optical field since 1982 (34+ years) and has had a wide range of experiences involving the medical, technical, and business aspects of the eye care industry.  He is committed to providing his customers eyewear products that meet their personal needs and personal styles - so they are optimally suited for their everyday lives.  He also aims to help customers obtain the best vision and quality of eye care possible.  Overall, Mr. Stephen Goodwin is well-qualified and does his best to ensure his patients are getting the services they need for a price they can afford.        He has years of experience making lenses - including lens layout and lens generation from surfacing lab work to finishing work.  His knowledge and experience comes from working in wholesale labs, also retail sales and management.  Stephen managed the Sears Optical shop in the Prince of Orange Mall in Orangeburg for five years before opening Renewed Vision Optical in 2004.  Mr. Goodwin presently lives in Orangeburg, SC with his wife, Deborah.  They have four children and have been married for 22 years.    


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